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Son Bou
'Alaior Cala Son Bou in Menorca turquoise beach at Balearic islands' - Menorca
'Alaior Cala Son Bou in Menorca turquoise beach at Balearic islands' holbox / Shutterstock

The beach of Son Bou is 2400 meters long and located in the municipality of Alaior. It's the largest beach of Menorca and also one of the busiest due to the multitude of tourist and leisure services offered by the surrounding establishments. Son Bou concentrates most of the hotels on the island. Everything changes in winter though... or if you run through the dunes towards the west. Then you'll discover a huge and beautiful beach of turquoise waters.

Imagine to find a 2.5km infinite sand in front of you. Son Bou is the largest sandy area on the island with only a third of it being cultivated. The rest is pure nature. It's the longest beach in Menorca and a strange natural rarity, as the south cost is mostly characterized by coves between cliffs. There are two ruffs wetland crossing the beach and sea pouring water (the kids love to feed the ducks). In between you can walk through beautiful dunes. The beach and sea make up a picturesque scenery, blue and turquoise, more than you could imagine.

The main beach is perfect for children as it's well equipped with lifeguards, sunbeds, pedalos, restaurants, foot showers and more. It's also ideal for swimming. However, you may prefer the wilder dunes on the west, which is definitely worth the walk. Still and beautiful, this area has nothing to do with the other part. Its calmness is almost absolute, providing an inviting setting for nudists. Behind the beach you can discover well-preserved wetlands that were used as rice fields in the past. If you keep walking, you can reach the area called Sa Canessia, at the end of which you'll find the enigmatic coves of 'the world Atalis'. When the masses have already returned to their homes, it's the island's best spot to practice kitesurfing.

The sandy beach stretches from Punta d'Atàlitx to Cap de Ses Penyes. It's surrounded by a landscape with abundant limestone caves being home to various kinds of bats. The beach is completely open to the sea. That's why in case of strong winds, currents and eddies can become dangerous for swimmers.

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