Shopping in Menorca

'Red and Blue Leather Summer Sandals' - Menorca
'Red and Blue Leather Summer Sandals' zhekoss / Shutterstock

You can buy almost anything in Menorca, with the unusual and blessed exception of trashy souvenirs. The traditional products of Menorca par excellence are the footwear and cheese as well as other other products of the land, especially the excellent ceramics.

The obvious thing to buy first in Menorca is something for your feet. Menorca has always been known for its shoe industry. There are still many important shoe factories and some brands that have passed strong international markets. Despite this, the typical product is the 'Avarques'. These sandals are characteristic for Menorca. They have been exported for years and are popular both among visitors and natives. The price-and-quality range is wide.

Despite the fact that tourism is often a major factor for the jewellery industry, Menorca has a long tradition of costume jewellery and jewellery markets. However it is acceptable to say that the vast majority of jewellery manufacturers, with exceptions, are wholesalers. Assemblers and artists whose finished handmade products end up in street markets of the island are rare to find. If you have have an interest in jewellery, you are a craftsman, assembler or shop owner, there are several fairs to visit throughout the year. These host traditional Menorcan craft, products and cuisine.

Most of the meat and fish sold on Ciutadella's market are of Menorcan origin. Hereby, it is guaranteed that the products are fresh and of good quality. In addition, the Menorcan waters present a few unique products. Shrimps, lobsters and fish of all kinds can be found on the precious market placed on the Plaza of Freedom. The best advice is to seek advice from the fishmongers who have no problem to even explain how to cook traditional dishes.

As for sausages, the 'Sobrassada' stands out for its exceptional quality. You should also taste the 'Cuixot' or 'Camaiot', 'Carnixua' and the great and excellent variety of Menorcan cheeses.

The bakeries of Ciutadella are undoubtedly the best on the island. There you will find everything from most typical and traditional products up to the latest innovations in the field. 
In the pastry shops you can find more than 100 products that have been kept for tradition.

The pastry shops also have a wide range of local Menorcan products. 'Formatjades'(dumplings) are a very characteristic example. These are pies of meat, cheese or cottage cheese. Another traditional sweet is 'Crespells', a flat and sweet cookie.

Another trademark of Menorca is the 'Coca Rossa', the Minorcan chair. These are handmade in a small carpentry in the center of Ciutadella. Many imitations of this comfortable folding chair have been made, but they have never reached the comfort and resistance of the original. Surely you will sit on one Coca Rossa, if you go to one of the many terraces of Ciutadella’s bars.