Sant Lluis - Menorca

Sant Lluis
'Binibequer Vell in Menorca Binibeca white village Sant Lluis at Balearic Islands' - Menorca
'Binibequer Vell in Menorca Binibeca white village Sant Lluis at Balearic Islands' holbox / Shutterstock

Sant Lluis, in southern Menorca, just a few kilometres from the capital Maó, is a typical white washed Menorcan village. It boasts a thriving community, making it an ideal base to explore this corner of the island. The French founded the village in 1761 during their occupation of Menorca. Count l'Annion, the Governor of Menorca at that time, ordered the village to be built around a church that was dedicated to Louis IX.

It is most noteworthy for its varied coastline with fine sand beaches and cliffs. Here you will find the beautiful coves of Binissafúller, Biniancolla and Binibeca with their typical whitewashed fishermen's houses. Along the coast, you'll discover capes, islets and medieval defensive towers which are very characteristic of the island. You will also find old rural farmsteads, typical examples of Menorca architecture and remains of prehistoric 'talaiots' (megalithic constructions), such as at Es Pujol. Then there are old windmills, like Molí de Dalt, which is now home to the island's Ethnological Museum. Many country tracks and trails run through the village, which can be ideally explored on foot or bike.

Holidaymakers have a vast choice of accommodation in the area ranging from apartments to villas and 1-star hostels to 5-star rural hotels. Dining out can be as cheep or as adventurous as you want with some of Minorca finest restaurants just minutes away from the town.

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