Cala Blanca - Menorca

Cala Blanca

Because of its proximity to different hotels and apartments and its charm due to its small size, this enclave of Menorca located 5 km southwest coast of Ciutadella, is usually very crowded during the summer. Cala Blanca, surrounded by hospitality establishments, residential areas and even some water slides, is a perfect cove to dismiss the sun. Here you can cool down and sip a mojito with the evocative music of the 'Hola Ola'bar in the back. In this beach beach bar, you can lie on the cool grass after a relaxing bath in this natural pool.

Cala Blanca offers even more. This cove of fine white sand facing west is well protected from waves and therefore perfect for swimming. During the day, it's always full of people, swimmers and floaters. One of the reasons may be that it provides all the amenities one may need like sunbeds and umbrellas, restaurants, lifeguards, pedalos, a playground, a picnic area, a diving center, showers and toilets.

In case you are looking for a quieter atmosphere, you'll find it on the left seashore siting on the Hola Ola lawn. Well, that is true when the bar isn't throwing one of its wild and fun DJ sessions, performances, theme parties and other events. In this case, the beach is not important. You also shouldn't miss when they open the caves of Cala Blanca ('Coves de Parella'), one of Menorca's natural curiosities. They were specifically renowned during the eighteenth to the nineteenth century all over Europe, when they were considered one of the most important in the world for its stunning lake underground.

The quality and clarity of the water is not the only feature of Cala Blanca. It still retains some of the vegetation of the dunes at the back of the beach. At this spot, you'll discover the remains of an 18th century BC Naveta, one of the few buildings of this type that can be found on the island. Several other caves complete its unique landscape, including the 'Cova de s'Aigo'. It rests on a shuttle that experts date back to the pre-talayotic period, between 2000 and 1200 BC.

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