Beaches in Menorca

'Cala mitjana in Menorca' - Menorca
'Cala mitjana in Menorca' Fotowan / Shutterstock

If you travel to Menorca you'll have the pleasure to observe that it has very beautiful beaches and a huge variety of them. Menorca’s northern area is very different from the southern part.

The north coast is rough and rocky, punctured by small, scenic coves, many of which are only accessible from the sea. These beaches, often less crowded, offer a unique landscape. In some areas, they resemble an almost lunar landscape. It’s less developed than the south and, with your own transport and a bit of footwork, you’ll discover some of the Balearics’ best off-the-beaten-track beaches. The sea, rockier, is very attractive for snorkeling, as these beaches populate many friendly fish and cormorants. Among the populated northern beaches noted for their spectacular environment, Cala Morell (absolutely ideal for diving) and Arenal den Castell stand out. But if you want a more private location, the waters of Cala Tortuga, Cala Pilar, Cavalleria or Pregonda are an ideal pick.

- Platja de Cavalleria: (By car) One of the island’s must-see. Being one of the bigger beaches in Menorca and surrounded by dunes, it is perfect for swimming. Also the possibility of mud baths makes this beach a unique natural treasure.

- Cala Pregonda: (By foot) Despite the almost 2km that you’ll have to walk, it is one of the island's most beautiful beaches. Protected from the wind by a couple of small islands, is a good option when the wind blows.

- Arenal d’en Castell: (By car) The only urbanized beach in the north; full of people, restaurants and all the services you need on a perfect beach day.

Menorca's south coast tends to have the best beaches, with white and golden sand bathed in clear turquoise water (nothing to envy the Caribean for…). On some beaches you could be completely alone. However, despite the fact that some beaches are not very developed, it is becoming harder to find a lonely beach with rising tourist arrivals during the summer season. In any case, it’s worth the effort. The beaches of Cala Macarella, Mitjana, Turqueta, Son Bou, Binidalí, Son Saura, Trebalúger, Galdana or Punta Prima are specifically worth mentioning (the last two beaches are urbanized, but haven’t lost a piece of theri natural beauty…).

- Cala Macarella: (By car) If you close your eyes and imagine an idyllic beach… Cala Macarella will come to your mind, even if you’ve never been in Menorca. Macarella is a small bay with finest white sand and turquoise waters. It's so clear that you can see the seafloor even at its deepest zones.

- Platja de Trebalúger: (By foot) Is one of the most virgin coves on the island. It has a small torrent that flows into the cove, which carries water even during the summer months.

- Cala en Turqueta: (By car) An almost untouched beach that stands out for its turquoise water, to which it owes its name.

If you decide to spend a day in one of these virgin beaches, it’s advisable to bring some drinks and food with you, as catering services are minimal. In the best case you could find a snack bar (peak season only), but unfortunately no finer options.